Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello 2012!

(White Chocolate Orange)
(Inside of the White Chocolate Orange - it has little things in it that are crunchy!)<

(My Mumma's Christmas Cake! - So good!)

Last night my Grandparents came round to our house to see the New Year in with us! We watched Alan Carr and then went on to watch the fireworks in London at midnight(on the TV of course!). The fireworks in London this year were spectacular! I think they were actually the best they've had! We had loads of little 'nibbles' as well. I kind of maybe had nearly half a tube of Ready Salted Pringles, but whatever! They're so tasty, however I think it may have done something to the corner of my lips, because it stings now. D:

This morning I watched Home Alone for the first time! I really enjoyed it, and apparently there is more than one, so I'm going to find the others and watch them! I also opened the White Chocolate Orange I was given for Christmas. I didn't even know they existed! It was really yummy!

Anyway, later this afternoon we're going over to my Grandparents house for Christmas Part 2, because on Christmas Day, my cousin was ill so my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins weren't able to come over! So that'll be nice!

I hope you all enjoyed New Years Eve. My Facebook newsfeed is full of statuses and pictures from last night, and this morning with people saying how they're 'hanging'. I'll leave you with a song that I heard last night whilst watching the fireworks in Sydney on youtube!


  1. I LOVE those chocolate oranges- my favourite ones I think!xxx

  2. I didn't even know they existed! Such a surprise. I can only have 2/3 at one time because they make my belly hurt, which is strange - it's very nice though!