Tuesday, 3 January 2012

my eyes they open wider. the noise, the noise.

Today has been a typical lazy day as I go back to College tomorrow. All day I've been panicking about my the work and revision that I should have done over the past 2 weeks but haven't, which was a really stupid move, however I remembered earlier today that it's not too bad because I only have two lessons on a Wednesday anyway! 

I took these pictures out of my window between 3:30pm and 4pm. In just half and hour the setting and colours in the sky had changed, and I find that so fascinating. I think that after doing my final Art GCSE project last year on nature really helped me to discover a new found love for it. Literally all I want to do is go outside, find a small forest and just get lost in it, which may sound a bit cliche, but whatever. It's something I would really love to do one day.

Tomorrow I have college, which I'm not really looking forward to that much, but never mind! I'll get over it soon. I really need some new clothes, so hopefully I'll be able to score some bargains tomorrow after college. Every Wednesday our college finishes at 2:20pm as opposed to the normal time it finishes(4:10pm) which means that I get to walk into town every week. I have to say, being able to go into town every week really takes the thrill out of shopping. It's more of a chore to go into town rather than something that I enjoy. But alas, if I didn't go into town every week, I'd have nothing to do as I can't get a bus home!

I hope you have a lovely evening!

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