Saturday, 28 April 2012

I'm such a terrible blogger! My last entry was well over a month ago which I apologize for. I've just been so bogged down with work(actually, that's kind of a lie - we had the Easter holidays and I did pretty much nothing but procrastinate. Oopsy..) but over the last two weeks, I've had mock exams, photography deadlines as well as revision, which I haven't done much of. I just can't find the motivation!

Anyway, I have no pictures(because I am lazy and because this is a quick update before I go back to blogging normally) but I will update you on the main things that have happened since March, and there isn't much.

  • I went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour a couple of days after it opened and nearly cried. You ahve no idea how much of a Potterhead I am, and walking down Diagon Alley and seeing Hogwarts in all it's glory was just indescribable. BEST DAY EVER!!!
  • I returned back to college and had mock exams(as said earlier)
  • At the beginning of this week, I had my five hour photography exam and then for some reason, I decided I'd finish all my book work this week too, so now I've completed the whole course(even though everything doesn't have to be in till monday!) 
  • I attended a recruitment evening at Lush(I can't remember if I said about that in my last post, I probably did, but ok) and didn't get pass the evening, which sucks, but life goes on.
um, i can't think of anything else! my life is really boring, i basically do nothing but sit on my computer and go to college and work. that's about it! right, well i must go and attempt to do some revision!

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