Saturday, 17 March 2012


Ah! I feel so terrible for not blogging for what? a month or two. I've been so busy. I've had a photography coursework deadline, then I went on holiday to Florida for two weeks, which meant catching up with college work, and now I'm onto the next thing, which is preparing for my exams at the end of this year! Everything is so hectic, and I can't wait till Summer where I can just relax and let loose a bit!

Anyway, earlier this week I popped into WHSmith and picked up Teen Vogue & Company Magazine. I've never bought Company but it has Florence Welch on the cover so I felt inclined to get it.
Sorry for the crappy webcam picture! My DSLR is currently tucked away!
I'm pretty impressed with Company magazine actually. I keep flicking through the pages and thinking to myself, 'Why in the world didn't I pick this up earlier?' I feel silly for not doing so!

Also, yesterday evening I attended the Lush recruitment evening! I really want a job there and luckily when I went in to town on Wednesday after college and asked one of the girls there if there were any jobs going, she said that I should come along to the evening, so after two days of waiting and research I went along to find out that I'm going up against 15 other girls to get a job there. I'm not going to lie, I'm more than a bit worried. I really want to work there, but considering some of the girls were Christmas Temps., I really don't think I stand a chance, but positive vibes, I guess!

ugh, I now must leave to go do some homework! Hopefully I'll be able to update the blog more often now, so stay tuned!

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